About our company and myself

We (Bioanim, http://www.bioanim.com ) are a SME from Slovenia, interested to cooperate with you. We started to participate in EU projects in 1999 and have been since involved in FP5, FP6, FP7, Lifelong learning and other types of EU projects. My company Amnim PIC number is 990486013. We design and produce (web)3D visualizations and e-learning software, especially from the field of biology, ecology or medicine.


Our specialty is the production of educational material in 3D virtual reality - typically including a strong flavor of gamification (edutainment style). As we live in space it is, especially in the case of biological and medical topics, natural also to learn about them in the (virtual) space. In the last time we are especially proud of our virtual reality apps for iPad and Android devices - try our ear project which you can download for free from http://www.bioanim.com


I am a biologist, I made my Ph.D. on the nervous system of insects (crickets) and worked for ten years on the institute of biology as a pure scientist. Then I discovered the educational possibilities that were made possible by the computer boom in the nineties. So for the last 19 years I have been designing and producing educational softw are in the virtual reality with my company Amnim d.o.o. I managed to survive because I combine my bio-medical expertise with the knowledge of computer visualization and coding. This is very practical also in the EU projects where for this reason my company is very cost effective.


Tomaz Amon Ph.D., CEO - contact:   tomaz.amon@bioanim.com



Our company profile and recent projects

Bioanim (Amnim d.o.o., http://www.bioanim.com ), center for scientific visualization Ljubljana, Slovenia, produces educational and scientific software projects containing animations in web virtual reality about the structure and function of the cell, tissue, human body and other topics from the field of biology or medicine. We develop products helping to learn about those topics in biology or medicine that are hard to understand from the textbooks only.

We are intensively engaged in establishing the educati= onal bridges between Europe and Asia. Our initiative is to use the modern natural science education to ease the understanding between Asia and Europe. We are proud to have become the member of the Euro-Asia Silk Route Initiative http://www.fonsr.org


Some of Bioanim projects:

1986-1996 Design and programming of the Neuro Event Manager – a computer program for the analysis of the electrophysiological data (1MB source code, more than 200 batch commands).

1996-2000 Design and programming of the computer visualizations of the biological structures and functions
1996-97 Multimedial software package "Electrical phenomena in the living cell" supported by Ministry of Education of Slovenia and acknowledged as an official educational tool in slovene schools.
1998 Sense organs – educational software package. Supported by Ministry of Education of Slovenia and acknowledged as an official educational tool in slovene schools
1999 Systems of Organs I. and Cell-Tissue-Human Body. Both Educational software packages were supported by Ministry of Education of Slovenia and acknowledged as an official educational tool in slovene schools.
1999 Tomaz Amon joins the IST project Web-based Standard Educational Tools(WebSET, IST-1999-106= 32)as a member of the UMA (SME company) team. The goal of the WebSET project was to develop and use advanced Web-based technologies to implement innovative cost-effective learning tools that can be run on any workstation platform including a standard PC of average capacity.
2000 The software package "Cell-Tissue-Human Body" has been selected for inclusion in the Awesome Library, a collection of the top 5% of sites in the field of K-12 education.
2002 Bioanim becomes a partner in the IST project (IST-2001-34204) named School LABoratory anticipating FUTURE needs of European Youth (LAB@FUTURE). LAB@FUTURE=   experimented in Social Constructivism,  combination and dialogue with activity theory, focusing on expansive learning, within a mix= ed and augmented realities set-up, enabling mobile eLearning.
2002 Bioanim becomes a partner in the Socrates - Minerva project named "LearningFolders (LeFo) "- open source online educational publishing and support for primary schools. (Minerva 100152-CP-1-2002-1-EE-MINERVA-M)
2003 Tomaz Amon becomes a member in the research group LMSE - Laboratory of Microsensor Structures and Electronics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana
2004 Bioanim becomes a partner in the Socrates - Minerva project Radiation Games in Virtual Reality (116947-CP-1-2004-1-SI-MINERVA-M)
2005 Bioanim becomes a partner in the IST proje= ct Cinema and Science (CISCI) 6th Framework, Contract.Nr.FP6-511114
2005 Bioanim becomes a partner in the Leonardo project Improving Nascent Skills to Produce Interactive Resources for Educa= tion (INSPIRE), Leonardo da Vinci Community action programme on vocational training Procedure B (Second phase: 2000 –2006) PILOT PROJECTS, LANGUAGE COMPETENCES, TRANSNATIONAL NETWORKS,AGREEMENT n° 2005 -UK/05/B/F/PP-162_305.
2006 The Silk Route Agreement established with Bioanim as one of its partners. International Association for the Advanced Use of Information and Communication Technology in Learning (also called the Silk Route Agreement) is a non-governmental, academic organization dedicated to = the advanced research of the theory, practice and quality of learning and teach= ing with the help of ICT. The member states are Germany (coordinator), China, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Slovenia (Bioanim), USA, Spain… http://www.fonsr.org

2008 Bioanim becomes a partner in the project Scenario Development for Lifelong Learning in 3D multi-user environments (LLL3D, Project No. 135450-LLP-1-2007-1-DE-KA3-KA3MP).  LLL3D aims to improve the quality of lifelong learning by introducing learning scenarios for a new ICT-based learning platform to the community of educators in Lifelong Learning in Europe, promotes high performance in teaching and learning by promoting an pedagogical approach, which is able to integrate several different pedagogies available up to now only singular using different web-based learning environments, and develops innovative approaches of Lifelong Learning in Europe within a European dimension and connexion of different target-group-related communities in the field.
2009 Bioanim becomes partner in the Slovene project “e-content for the continous development in Slovenia” partially funded by EU funds: projekt št. 3311-09-303016 v okviru Operativnega programa razvoja človeških virov za obdobje 2007-2013: E-GRADIVA ZA OKOLJE IN TRAJNOSTNI RAZVOJ, ki jo je FILOZOFSKA FAKULTETA UM sklenilo z Ministrstvom za šolstvo in šport Republike Slovenije dne 17.4.2009
2009 Bioanim becomes partner in the TErenCe—An Adaptive Learning System for Reasoni= ng about Stories with Poor Comprehenders and their Educators. Collaborative project. FP7-ICT-2009-5, project number: 257410
2014 Bioanim becomes partner in the TEMPUS project: Establishment of Innovative Multidisciplinary Centres for the Development of Virtual Laboratories in Biology and Medicine (EMICVL - Start date – December 1st 2013. Proj.No.: 54428-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-UK-TEMPUS-JPCR)
2017 Bioanim becomes partner in the ERASMUS pro= ject: WOMEN POWER CODE. Proj.No.: 2017-1-UK01-KA204-036557



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