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Animal cell
Plant Cell
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
Sensory Organs
Muscle and Motor Proteins
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VRML plugin possibilities and explanation
as used on my Bioanim Classic site


Please note that you can download my VRML creations and explore them and their code for free, of course.

We recommend the Flux plugin for VRML. It manages also X3D, which is the next generation of VRML. Here is the download link for the Cortona plugin:

or to have more choices (also for non-windows platforms): Blaxxun plugin

Originally we recommended Cosmo Player VRML plugin for your web browser. But since spring 2006 the Cosmo Player does not work anymore with the Internet Explorer web browser (IE). This problem is most likely caused by the cumulative security patch for IE.
If one uninstalls the patch, then Cosmo Player in IE works.

Cosmo Player has been used since 1997 and we do not know for a single security problem connected with it. So if it happens that Cosmo Player runs on your machine, you can feel safe to use it.

Many Cosmo player download locations have ceased to operate. However, it is still possible to obtain it.

Download it from from

or from



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