VRML plugin possibilities and explanation
as used on www.bioanim.com

We recommend the Flux plugin for VRML. It manages also X3D, which is the next generation of VRML.

Here is the download link for the Cortona plugin:

or to have more choices (also for non-windows platforms):

Blaxxun plugin

Originally we recommended Cosmo Player VRML plugin for your web browser. But since spring 2006 the Cosmo Player does not work anymore with the Internet Explorer web browser (IE). This problem is most likely caused by the cumulative security patch for IE.
If one uninstalls the patch, then Cosmo Player in IE works.

Cosmo Player has been used since 1997 and we do not know for a single security problem connected with it. So if it happens that Cosmo Player runs on your machine, you can feel safe to use it.

Many Cosmo player download locations have ceased to operate. However, it is still possible to obtain it.

Download it from from


or from


Plant cell structure and function in the 3D virtual reality. Enter the plant cell, explore the cell wall, chloroplasts and processes like photosynthesis...

Discover the structure of cells, tissue and organs in the 3D virtual reality!

Tablets are optimal for science education in 3D virtual reality. This is my experience after working on this field since 1996. Here are two main reasons for this: 1. Computer tablets and smartphones are powerful enough and commonly accessible machines, always at the hand. 2. We use fingers to navigate and so intimately connect ourselves with the happening on the screen. Fingers are our primary "interface" for handling the world around us and so also the optimal interface for interacting with virtual reality.

My " Bioanim Complete" contains all my work. You get 48 3D virtual reality scenes(enjoy the screenshots here below). Learn effectivelyyourself or surprise your students with this!

Bioanim Complete for iPad (Apple IOS)

Bioanim Complete for Android

Slideshows from the above project:

Visit my Bioanim Classic site (Continously Updated Since 1999...)!

Have you tried to assemble the Ebola virus by yourself? I have - as well as also the HIV, adenovirus and bacteriophage! Free for Apple iPad and Android

Download the slides (1.5GB)