Discover the structure of cells, tissue and organs in the 3D virtual reality!


Corona Virus structure in 3D virtual reality!



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Animal cell
Plant Cell
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
Sensory Organs
Muscle and Motor Proteins
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Corona Virus structure in 3D virtual reality!


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虚拟现实中的人耳结构 - Human ear structure and function in virtual reality


3D虚拟现实中的细胞呼吸 - Cell Respiration in 3D virtual reality


三维虚拟现实中的光合作用 - Photosynthesis in 3D virtual reality


3D细胞结构(动物,植物,原核生物) - Cell Structure in 3D (Animal, Plant, Prokaryotic)


肌肉和分子马达 - Muscle and Molecular Motors


触觉,振动和本体感受的感觉 - Senses of Touch, Vibration and Proprioreception


味觉和气味的器官 - Organs for Taste and Smell


眼睛结构和功能 - Eye Structure and Function


三维虚拟现实中的ZIKA病毒结构 - ZIKA Virus Structure in 3D Virtual Reality


三维虚拟现实中的麻疹病毒结构 - Measles Virus Structure in 3D Virtual Reality


三维虚拟现实中的HIV病毒结构 - HIV Virus Structure in 3D Virtual Reality


三维虚拟现实中的噬菌体病毒结构 - Bacteriophage Virus Structure in 3D Virtual Reality


三维虚拟现实中的流感病毒结构 - Influenza Virus Structure in 3D Virtual Reality


三维虚拟现实中的埃博拉病毒结构 - Ebola Virus Structure in 3D Virtual Reality


三维虚拟现实中的腺病毒结构 - Adenovirus Structure in 3D Virtual Reality




肠道微生物战斗 - 打击坏微生物 - Gut microbes battle – fight bad microbes


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